Disputing Allegations of Political Affiliation

Disputing Allegations of Political Affiliation

Defence Minister Thandi Modise and former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Gauteng Chairperson Mandisa Mashego have categorically denied any links to Jacob Zuma’s umKhonto weSizwe (MK) Party. These clarifications come amid speculations and assertions suggesting their association with the newly formed political entity.

Modise addressed rumors on Tuesday evening, dismissing an online report claiming she had abandoned her position and her ties with the African National Congress (ANC) to align with the MK Party. She vehemently rejected these claims, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to the ANC.

“I intend to die as a member of the ANC, no matter what happens to the ANC.”

Similarly, Mashego, who has stepped away from the political spotlight, was inadvertently featured on promotional materials endorsing the MK’s political objectives. Although she refrained from directly mentioning any association with a former president, her discontent with the unauthorized use of her name and likeness was palpable.

“I am disgusted, and everything else that you can imagine that your name was used without your permission.”

The endeavor to establish a new political organization often involves the delicate task of garnering support from reputable figures capable of influencing voter sentiment. The MK Party’s strategy appeared to involve enlisting high-profile names such as Modise and Mashego, albeit without their consent.

As the political landscape heats up in anticipation of the 29 May elections, parties are in a frantic rush to nominate candidates for legislative positions. This scramble extends to securing the necessary endorsements, financial contributions, and public support required to make a significant impact at the polls.

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