Explain the MK Party Membership Oath Declaration


In simple terms, this passage is a solemn declaration made by someone who wishes to join uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK), a political organization. It states their commitment to adhering to MK’s goals, principles, and policies as outlined in its Constitution. They join voluntarily without expecting personal gain or special positions, promising to actively work towards the liberation of South Africa, Africa, and oppressed people globally, while upholding loyalty and discipline within MK. They also pledge to honor MK’s fallen heroes and heroines, strive for a united South Africa, and defend against divisive, corrupt, and discord-promoting tendencies. Additionally, they commit to supporting MK’s core political program and respecting the organization’s hierarchical decision-making structure known as democratic centralism, where higher levels of authority have precedence over lower levels, and the majority’s decisions are binding on the minority.

Membership Oath Declaration

I solemnly declare that I will abide by the aims, objectives and radical policies of uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK) as set out in the Constitution of the MK.

I voluntarily join the MK without any motive of personal gain or material benefit, and understand that I am not entitled to any positions or deployments.

I will participate in the life of the uMkhonto Wesizwe to strive towards total emancipation of South Africa, Africa and the oppressed of the world and will do so as a loyal, active and disciplined uMkhonto Wesizwe.

I further declare to defend the proud and militant legacy of the fallen heroines and heroes. To work towards a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it. Defend the African revolutionary tradition against all forms of tendencies that promote hatred, division, underdevelopment, corruption and social discords.

I vow to defend and selflessly pursue the realization of the seven non-negotiable cardinal pillars as a primary political program of the MK contained in the Founding Manifesto.

I further commit to abide by the principle of democratic centralism which is that the individual is subordinate to the organization, the minority is subordinate to the majority, the lower level is subordinate to the higher level, and decisions of the upper structures are binding on the lower structures

What does the Membership Oath Declaration mean?

This passage is a declaration made by someone who wants to join uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK), and it outlines their commitment and responsibilities within the organization.

  1. The person promises to follow the goals and principles of MK, as stated in its Constitution.

  2. They are joining MK willingly, without expecting personal benefits or special positions.

  3. They pledge to actively work towards the freedom of South Africa, Africa, and oppressed people worldwide, while being a loyal and disciplined member of MK.

  4. They also promise to honor and protect the memory of MK’s fallen heroes and heroines and strive for a united South Africa that is free from division, corruption, and discord.

  5. They vow to support MK’s core political program, known as the seven non-negotiable cardinal pillars, and work towards achieving them.

  6. Lastly, they commit to following the principle of democratic centralism, which means that they will respect the authority and decisions of the organization, with higher levels having authority over lower levels, and the majority having authority over the minority.

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