Umkhonto weSizwe Clarifies No Need for Zuma and Khumalo Meeting

Umkhonto weSizwe Clarifies No Need for Zuma and Khumalo Meeting

Umkhonto weSizwe (MK), the liberation army wing now political party, has expressed that there is no necessity for the former president, Mr. Jacob Zuma, to meet with the recently ousted Mr. Jabulani Khumalo. The decision was fully communicated to Mr. Zuma.

In December last year, Mr. Zuma announced he would no longer support the ANC in upcoming elections, opting instead to back a new party. South Africa is poised for national elections on May 29 this year.

Khumalo’s Response and Subsequent Removal

Mr. Khumalo, initially responsible for registering MK with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), was dismissed as a member, a development announced through a widely distributed press statement. He told eNCA in an interview,

“I am not aware of the reasons for my dismissal and I still plan to meet with Zuma to get clarity.”

Despite his high rank within the party, referred to as Khomanda, and being second on the party list for Parliament, Mr. Khumalo faced removal.

MK Spokesperson’s Statement

MK’s spokesperson, Mr. Nhlamulo Ndlhela, emphasized the finality of their decision, stating,

“There will be no meeting, let that be clear. Mr. Khumalo was part of a meeting with about 25 leaders who explained everything to him. He was given a letter and left the meeting. We are not concerned about what he might say because we did nothing wrong. The party is now officially registered under Zuma,”

Mr. Ndlhela explained.

When asked about the reasons for Mr. Khumalo’s expulsion, he mentioned that they could not be disclosed at the moment but would become apparent in time. It was also noted that Mr. Zuma had initially requested Mr. Khumalo to register the party with the IEC.

No Planned Meetings and Changes in Representation

As changes unfolded, Mr. Khumalo was replaced by an image of Mr. Zuma for promotional purposes. Furthermore, a statement supposedly from Mr. Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, clarified there were no scheduled meetings with Mr. Khumalo. Another message hinted at potential conflicts, stating it would not be wise for “two bulls to clash in the same kraal.”

Attempts to reach Mr. Khumalo by phone were unsuccessful, and he did not respond to messages.

Legal Challenges and Electoral Concerns

Amidst these controversies, MK continues to face legal battles, seemingly coping well under the circumstances. The Constitutional Court is expected to hear a case involving the party and the IEC on May 10.

The IEC has declared that Mr. Zuma is not eligible to be on the parliamentary candidate list due to his previous conviction and incarceration.

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