ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula Addresses Hearing “Rumours”

ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula Addresses Hearing Rumours

ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula has recently refuted claims regarding a scheduled virtual disciplinary hearing for the party’s former president. Speculation had mounted after it was reported that a hearing was set for the upcoming Tuesday. This news followed earlier suggestions that the hearing would be deferred post-elections due to safety concerns at the Luthuli House in Johannesburg.

Amidst swirling rumors, a letter alleged to have been sent to ex-President Zuma by Ralph Mgijima, who chairs the national disciplinary committee, indicated a shift to a virtual format scheduled for May 7, according to SABC News.

The disciplinary scrutiny has surfaced after Zuma, currently at the helm of the MK Party, declared his intention to vote against the ANC in the imminent elections, despite his continued membership.

However, Mbalula clarified in a Sunday press briefing in Johannesburg that even the revised plan for a virtual hearing was shelved. He elaborated that the national disciplinary committee was directed to temporarily halt the proceedings concerning Zuma, including those planned online.

“No, we said the NDC (national disciplinary committee) must stand in abeyance, including virtual, until after elections. We do not expect anything to take place on Tuesday, as the instruction has been communicated,” Mbalula stated.

He further expressed concerns about certain groups exploiting the electoral period to undermine South Africa’s democratic advancements. In light of these concerns, a decision was made to potentially postpone the disciplinary hearings at the party’s headquarters.

“In pursuance of this duty and based on an assessment of the security situation prevailing at Luthuli House the SGO (secretary general office) was advised that activities that have the potential to attract large gatherings that might result in violent or disruptive behaviour are not advisable, especially so close to election day,” Mbalula explained.

“This is exacerbated by the activities of certain political parties in organising demonstrations and sit-ins at Luthuli House.”

Mbalula emphasized the constitutional mandate of the ANC’s national executive committee to uphold the integrity of the disciplinary committee while ensuring the safety of its members.

In his remarks, Mbalula pointedly referred to Zuma, highlighting the divisive impact of his actions on the party’s unity.

“These members have in the eyes of ANC members and society effectively constructively resigned or expelled themselves from the ANC. Notwithstanding this reality, the ANC is committed to the rule of law and following the provisions processes set out in the ANC Constitution, including disciplinary processes.

“Some of these elements, including former leaders of the ANC, have through their pronouncements and actions clearly and unambiguously placed themselves outside the ANC through violation of its Constitution, the solemn contract between the organisation and its members.”

Mbalula reiterated the party’s dedication to nurturing and, if necessary, rectifying its members and leaders, underscoring that those at odds with the party’s core values and principles risk alienation from the ANC.

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