Can Jacob Zuma Propel the Umkhonto we Sizwe Party to Success?


In a recent unveiling of candidates for the National Assembly in the upcoming 29 May national and provincial elections, the name of Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s former President, takes the forefront as the primary candidate of the newly formed Umkhonto we Sizwe Party (MKP). This announcement follows Zuma’s declaration of support for the MKP last December. Despite his new affiliation, Zuma has neither parted ways with the African National Congress (ANC) nor faced expulsion, positioning himself prominently in the MKP’s election campaign.

The Composition of the MKP’s National List

The MKP’s roster for the election is a mix of long-standing allies of Zuma, political novices, and leaders from various small parties and religious or other organizations that have previously supported the former president. The party was officially registered by Jabulani Khumalo, who secures the second spot on the MKP list, with the top positions further occupied by influential figures including Sophonia Tsekedi, president of the All African Alliance Movement (AAAM), who has expressed his support for Zuma as a presidential candidate.

A leaked list, which made rounds in the media early Saturday, reveals more names closely associated with Zuma, among them businessperson Roy Moodley and Des Van Rooyen, noted for his brief tenure as South Africa’s finance minister. Duduzile Zuma, Zuma’s daughter, is also part of this lineup, ranking 18th on the national list.

Visvin Reddy, previously associated with the ANC and now a councillor for the African Democratic Change (Adec) in eThekwini, occupies the ninth position. Reddy, who has had affiliations with the Democratic Alliance and Minority Front in the past, recently warned of a potential uprising if the MKP faced registration challenges from the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC). Following a stern warning from President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding arrest threats for such statements, Reddy apologized, claiming his words were misinterpreted.

Also included in the MKP list are figures such as David Skosana, spouse of former Public Protector and current Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP Busisiwe Mkhwebane, and Sipho Mbatha, a former EFF MP. The list extends to include Glen Taaibosch, a Khoi San activist, and Wesley Douglas, a preacher from the Western Cape and former member of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).

In the Spotlight: The Pattern of Leaks

This leak is part of a recurring theme of information exposure linked to Jacob Zuma or his close associates, reminiscent of past incidents involving unauthorized disclosures about Zuma’s arrest and confidential health details, which involved journalist Karyn Maughan.

As the political landscape of South Africa continues to evolve, the emergence of the MKP under the leadership of figures like Jacob Zuma signals a new chapter. With a diverse array of candidates from various backgrounds, the party aims to make a significant impact in the upcoming elections, reflecting the complex interplay of politics, loyalty, and new beginnings in the nation’s democracy.

Jacob Zuma’s Campaign Trail Lights Up the Western Cape

Jacob Zuma, alongside his daughter, has been actively engaging in door-to-door campaigning in Belhar, Cape Town, within the Western Cape, receiving notable support in each area they visit. Dr. Glen Taaibosch, a respected Khoi-San leader, also made his presence known at these gatherings. The era of overlooking the indigenous communities is coming to an end. The MK Party has pledged its support to the Khoi-San people, committing to stand by them in their quest to reclaim their land and possessions.

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