Leadership Change at MK Party with Jacob Zuma’s Return

Leadership Change at MK Party with Jacob Zuma's Return

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has revealed a significant update in the electoral lineup for the upcoming 2024 national and provincial elections. In a move that underscores a major leadership reshuffle, former President Jacob Zuma is set to replace Jabulani Khumalo as the face of the MK Party (MKP).

During a press briefing, the IEC’s Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Masego Sheburi, detailed the latest changes communicated by MKP.

“We can confirm that the face that will be on the ballot for the MK Party is that of Jacob Zuma because the party has given us notice that it has changed its leadership structure. Khumalo is no longer the party leader, Zuma is,”

Sheburi explained.

Jabulani Khumalo, who founded MKP, registered the party on September 7, 2023. It was then officially launched by Jacob Zuma on December 16, 2023, in a notable event held in Soweto, Johannesburg. Following these developments, MKP’s website has been updated to reflect this new leadership dynamic.

This announcement comes amidst the IEC’s preparations for the elections, which have been marked by a recent decision from the electoral court. The court’s ruling, which confirmed Zuma’s placement on the ballot, was made on May 29, stirring the commission to seek further clarifications.

MK Party Election Preparations Underway

In addition to leadership changes, the IEC is advancing its operational preparations for the election. The Chief Electoral Officer, Sy Mamabolo, shared updates on the logistical readiness of the commission to proceed with the election processes.

“The 27 million registered voters will receive three ballot papers to elect candidates to represent them in the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures,”

Mamabolo stated, highlighting the scale of the electoral exercise.

Mamabolo also noted that approximately 23,292 voting stations are set up across the country. The provinces of Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and Limpopo are leading in terms of the number of voting stations, with significant setups to accommodate voters.

He further assured that all voting stations have secured lease agreements, finalizing the necessary preparations. An integral part of these preparations includes the redesign of ballot papers, which will now feature several key identifiers such as the full registered name and the photograph of the party leader, alongside the registered abbreviated name, emblem, or symbol of the party.

These measures are part of a broader initiative by the IEC to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral process, accommodating the recent changes in party leadership while ensuring that voters have all necessary information at their disposal. As the election date draws near, the IEC continues to solidify its readiness, aiming for an efficient and fair election.

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