MK Party Aims to Overturn DA’s Hold on Chatsworth in Durban

MK Party Aims to Overturn DA's Hold on Chatsworth in Durban

The uMkhonto WeSizwe Party (MK Party) has launched an ambitious campaign in the Chatsworth area of Durban, targeting what has been a stronghold for the Democratic Alliance (DA). On Wednesday, MKP’s regional leaders and members took to the streets, engaging in a door-to-door campaign to garner support from the residents, particularly within the Indian community. Volunteers armed with T-shirts and pamphlets spread their political message, concluding the day with a mini-rally at Mobeni Heights Hall.

In a discussion with the Daily News following the campaign efforts, Fatima Mohammed, the Naidoo-Makhaye Zone coordinator, confidently stated the MK Party’s objective:

“We have worked the ground and the Indian community is accepting us well wherever we visit them. So, on May 29 we will bury the DA in Chatsworth and take a two-thirds majority of the votes,” said Mohammed.

Mohammed oversees the campaign efforts across all eight wards of Chatsworth, including the predominantly black area of Welbedacht.
DA Dismisses MK Party’s Aspirations

In response to MK Party’s assertive campaign, the DA’s provincial chairperson, Dean Macpherson, expressed skepticism about MK Party’s ability to unseat the DA from its longstanding position in Chatsworth. He dismissed the MK Party’s ambitions as unrealistic:

“Just like they are dreaming of getting a two-thirds majority, so they are dreaming and delusional of dominating Chatsworth. The DA has a very strong record of fighting for the people of Chatsworth and under our premier candidate, Chris Pappas, we will continue to prioritise development and job creation for not only this community, but everyone across the province,” said Macpherson.

The DA has maintained a robust presence in Chatsworth, securing a significant victory in the 2021 local government elections where they achieved a clean sweep over the majority of wards, including Welbedacht, from the ANC.

MK Party’s Rally Highlights and Future Political Directions

The MK Party rally also featured speeches by notable figures, including Bonginkosi Khanyile, the recently expelled leader of the party’s youth league. Despite his expulsion, Khanyile received a warm reception and reiterated the party’s goal to secure a two-thirds majority which he claimed was essential to amend the country’s constitution.

Nhlanhla Ngidi, MK Party’s KwaZulu-Natal provincial coordinator and the touted premier candidate, underscored the significance of winning the upcoming election with a considerable majority. He highlighted the dire consequences of failing to do so:

“If the MK Party failed to do so, the levels of poverty among black people would double or triple,” he said.

Ngidi also issued a stark warning to white landowners about the repercussions under an MK Party-led government, involving substantial land redistribution or potential eviction.

The MK Party is focused on the forthcoming elections while planning an elective conference post-election to avoid internal divisions, indicating a strategic approach to maintaining unity and bolstering their campaign efforts.

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